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An Indonesian research company founded in 2010 by Prof. Dr. Linawati Hardjito, an expert in biotechnology and aquaculture. We grew to be a well-known, well-respected, established seaweed processor company since then, and transform into social enterprise which produces and distributes commercial products in 2015. We have developed the formula of high quality carrageenan and other seaweed derivative products which are widely used in various industries, and established retail products such as cosmetics and skincare . 


We have developed plasma system to make sure that our farmer partners are always using the best planting method so they can guarantee the quality of their seaweeds. We have developed and cultivated a number of farmer groups in several areas in Indonesia to secure sustainable supply. We are also committed to the well-being of the farmers and to ensure that they get the best return for their harvest by setting the fair market price for seaweed.


We believe in sustainability in living side-by-side with nature. That is why our corporate value consists of eco-friendly technology. We believe that we can create industries and technologies that are safe and harmless to our environment. We are comitted to implement eco-friendly technology in our manufacturing processes and now we have achieved a zero waste industry by converting our industrial waste into beneficial products, such as soil fertilizer and feed additive. We also reduce the waste produced by other related industries by processing their waste into high-grade, highly-sought after secondary products like fish collagen from fish scales.

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